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Pre Wedding Photography

Currently pre wedding photography is an unforgettable part of a wedding. Pre wedding photos is not just a decoration but also will be a special memories for you and your partner. Obviously you want to make this a memorable photo becomes different from the others right. Do you have set up the concept and theme for your prewedding photo as a couple? prewedding photos not only have to wear a dress and wedding suit on the beach, you know.  Actually, there are many things that can be explored to create a unique pre wedding photo. You can add the story in your photo as a love journey and It also will give you a natural poses that actually looks unique, rather than conventional poses of prewedding. There are some ideas and inspiration that perhaps you can make reference in choosing the concept and theme of pre-wedding photos:

  • Classic style or Old Style

    This could be a theme that makes you and your partner remain of your memory together. This theme can be start from how your firse meet or your first introduction. For example, met in junior high or high school or in your neighborhood as a friend from little life.
  • Passions or Hobbies

    You have the same hobby, it can also be a pre-wedding photo story exciting. For example cycling, traveling, or playing music.
  • Occupation or Profession

    A good idea, if you want to take concept about your profession, for example photographer with style while holding the camera or in the works situations or teacher to take pictures again teaching style in the classroom.
  • Your favorite restaurant

    It is also an idea that could be right for you. Moreover, supported by the atmosphere of the restaurant that has a green background and nature, would be sweet unforgettable memories.
  • Natural and historical background

    This is most ultimate idea as a journey of your wedding atmosphere. You can remember what country or place that makes you feel happy with intimate situation with your partner. And also remain the place you have visited. Background location of your photos is one thing that plays a major role in shaping your pre wedding story, you know. Therefore, determine where you think is unique and has a strong character to support the story in photos. You can try the historical places (temples, museum or monument), old buildings, forests, lake, mount or local market maybe.

Let Twins Photography Bali makes your prewedding pictures memorable.